Women in STEM Stake Pool

A Cardano stake pool dedicated to funding, promoting and supporting women
and young people in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths

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Our Mission

We believe in equal education and career opportunities for all, regardless of background, faith, gender or geography.
We will support such causes locally, nationally and internationationally.

We pledge to donate 100% of our profit to fund this cause.

We will help women and young people find education and develop careers in STEM.

  • We will support local schools and communities.
  • We will support national initiatives.
  • We will support international initiatives in developing countries.

We recognise there are many skilled and dedicated people furthering this cause and we will seek them out and fund their efforts where we can. We aim to magnify, catalyse, envangelise and expand these efforts through our donations of rewards gained through this stake pool. Rewards will be earned in ADA and converted to the most appropriate currencies to help our partners.

Our Terms

We are running at the lowest possible fees to permit the growth of our stake pool and the funding supporting women and young people in STEM. You will not find any stake pool cheaper than this. Given our commitment to excellence we do not think you will find one with better provision either. We are commited to growth, and to maximise the rewards for you and our cause with high quality service and the lowest costs to you.

Our Fee

340 epoch

  • From this, 40 ADA of each block generating epoch, will go to the cause. This is additional to the entire margin.
  • This is the lowest permitted fee allowed by the Cardano network.
  • Running a stake pool costs several hundreds of pounds per month. Cardano knows this and wants to ensure a high quality network run by professionals. We will cover our costs through the 300 ADA remaining from a block generating epoch.
  • Until we reach 1.2m ADA delegated, some epochs may be lean, we are commited to funding the pool during these times.
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Our Stake

10000 pledge

  • We are pledging our own ADA to the stake pool to demonstrate our commitment and help it to grow.
  • We will leave the rewards to grow through compound interest.
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Understanding the figures

Perannum (APR)epoch
You 6.00% 0.0805%
Charity 0.12% 0.0016%
Us 0.0% 0.0%
  • 100% of the margin goes to the cause. Plus we add 40 ADA from a block generating epoch.
  • In any well run pool, you can expect to receive around 6% APR (per annum),

As a consequence of our commitment to grow the pool, through 0% margin you will receive 100% of all staking rewards until the 2m ADA is reached. Meanwhile we will continue to donate 40 ADA each block making epoch.

Good cause, but I'm not sure what you're talking about...

Click here for an introduction and explanation to Cardano and Staking.

Our Operation - How will we do this?

Stake Pool Provision

We will maintain and operate an ADA stake pool dedicated to this cause. We will use best in class technologies to ensure maximum reliabity and returns.

Growth and Marketing

We will spread the word of our stake pool and our cause to ensure their growth and profitablity. We will reinvest rewards as appropriate to ensure the strongest possible basis for our cause.

Cause Selection

We will seek opportunities to fund those helping our cause and take nominations from our stakers. We will allocate funds based upon the advice of our board and will seek to provide voting to our stakers through the Cardano network as appropriate.

Donations and Funding

We will allocate and liquidise our stake pool rewards to fund the top causes that meet our criteria and scale of operation.

Our Board

To ensure the best representation for our STEM causes, we have appointed a diverse female advisory board.

Student in Full Time Education

A student in secondary education ensuring we are firmly grounded in current educational practices and opportunities. She is the youngest known certified AWS Associate Developer ever and is a triple science student.

Experienced IT Engineer

Our hands on engineer. With a degree in Computer Science and professional experience in DevOps, Systems Administration and Reliability Engieering, she is well placed to advise us of industry practices.

Senior Educator

Our headmistress is an expert on education and pedagogy, ensuring we are aligned with the practicalites and methods of education, and observing safeguarding at all times.

Senior Industry Executive

A very experienced and senior leader in IT, having held senior executive positions in Cloud and Government

How to delegate

If you have ADA and are looking for a staking pool. Go into your wallet, click on Delegate and select WOMEN as our stake pool. It costs you nothing, there is no risk to your funds or investment. You will get rewards every 5 days, and we will donate the network rewards allocated to us to support these causes.

At our level of trusted and reliable operation it makes no difference which pool you stake in to get your rewards, so why not stake in WOMEN and help others for free?

Simply by leaving your rewards in your wallet every 5 days, you will grow your delegation and allow greater and greater funds to be sent to our cause.

Early Opportunities

By helping schools gain equipment, we can empower those on the front line of education with the tools they need to ensure the best possible choice and opportunites for young people.

Career Advisory and Cross Training

Through funding career advisory services, we can help those in work, seeking work, or looking to change their career paths.

We will also support industry and their efforts in attracting women and young people into STEM careers by supporting travel, communication, and the evangelisation of opportunity.

Women and Children in Developing Countries

Many of us have had the fortune to grow up with accessible education and diverse opportunity. We will help those organisations who understand how we can best help others in need.

Cardano in particular is well suited to aid in developing countries, and is likely to be incorporated into their financial mechanisms.

Stake Pool Provision

Expert Engineers

Expert engineers keeping our systems up and operations for maximum rewards to our stakers.

Cloud Hosted

The best equipment hosted in the cloud for maximum reliability and security.

Stake Pool Nodes

We have all the software and systems required to ensure full compliance with Cardano staking and the ADA reward network.


We have our own ADA staked in the pool, so we are commited to maximum rewards and returns for our stakers and our cause.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to focus on our philosophy and to explain the cause. We will use external resources to explain some of the details common to all stake pools.

  • It makes no difference to your rewards which pool you stake in. Our pool is operated to the highest level of reliablity so will generate maximum rewards. Other pools will take their profits, WOMEN stake pool will use our rewards to support Women in STEM.

  • No, we are only donating rewards that come to us as stake pool operators.

  • Firstly, stake with our stake pool. Then, if you would like to help us further, you can send ADA to our pledge account. It will then remain in the pool generating rewards to our cause indefinitely.

  • We would like to see more female applicants in STEM positions and increase diversity in the workplace.

  • It is not just women, we are committed to helping all young people in education too. Sadly women are a minority in the workplace, and we'd like to do our part.

  • There are a few, but these are early days for Cardano. We like to think others may follow in our path. We will help others where we can.


Ths is our stake pool ticker. In your Cardano wallet click on Delegate, type "WOMEN" and wait for the free rewards.

You can also donate directly


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